Pastor Masih

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In 1997, a Christian believer in Pakistan was falsely accused of tearing several pages from a copy of the Qur'an and throwing them “disre­spectfully” into a Muslim mosque.  Thou­sands of Muslims were incited to riot at this perceived outrage and stormed two Chris­­tian vil­­lages in the area.  Dozens of churches were destroyed, 1500 houses burned, many be­liev­ers were violated and/or died, all while government officials turned a blind eye. 

Pastor Masih, who was living and ministering in the area, survived the attacks and spoke out against the injustice.  As a result, he and his family were forced to flee for their lives.  God miraculously opened the door for them to come to America, where Pastor Masih has thrived as a popular conference speaker.  He is the author of two books:  Fearless Love in the Midst of Terror and Sharing the Gospel with Muslims (this latter book co-authored with Daniel Scot).  Pastor Masih speaks excellent English and is a powerful preacher and teacher.  He has been an Associate with Voice of the Mar­tyrs for 15 years, promoting that organiza­tion while speaking on behalf of the per­secuted church around the world.

Pastor Masih’s primary ministry involves traveling to churches across the U.S. for weekly con­ferences and weekend services.  He has spoken in nearly 1000 churches, delivered messages at Focus on the Family, and has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences for Voice of the Martyrs.  Pastor Masih has been featured on various Christian programs including Moody Radio, American Family, Daystar Christian Television, Harvest Television, and Light of The Southwest. Pastor Masih enjoys teaching at schools, colleges and universities, some of which include Colorado Christian University, Biola, Masters College, Denver Seminary, and Northern Christian University.  In his “spare time,” through the minis­tries he has founded, God has used Pastor Masih to open and operate two Pastor Training Colleges in Pakis­tan, which have trained hundreds of pastors who have planted hundreds of churches; to also operate a free medical clinic that openly shares the gospel with Muslims, to sustain a wide-ranging child-relief ministry, to establish a ministry that buys the freedom of impov­erished Christians working as indentured servants in brick factories, and to launch a min­istry that provides bicycles and mopeds for church planters.  In addition, Pastor Masih has developed a growing network of partner churches in India, and an exploding network of evan­gelistic house churches in Sri Lanka.